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I am Mark Hill, a knifemaker living in Liversedge West Yorkshire.
I have an extensive background of both using and making knives. I served for 3 years in the British Army, 5 years in the French Foreign Legion, and then as an engineer for 3 years before knife making for 4 years - although I have had knife making as an interest for much longer! I have always had an interest in crafts as well as being a natural outdoorsman. There's nothing better than being out and about in the countryside. Now I practice what has become known as Bushcraft, I have been doing the same thing for many years so I know what is needed in a good Bushcraft knife, well in any type of knife in fact.

I pride myself in making every knife by hand in my workshop, ensuring the highest qualities of craftsmanship, combined with the uniqueness that comes from a hand crafted product, I value highly the relationship I have with my clients and always strive to produce a knife that is tailored to their needs, providing a product which will serve them well for years to come.
Please feel free to contact me via the contact section with any queries you may have.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.
Mark Hill (aka HillBill)

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