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Welcome to Mark Hill Knives

From an early age I have used knives in one form or another, learning to appreciate and value their use as a tool.
Knives are the tools of freedom in the wild places, with a good knife you can accomplish most things needed to be comfortable and at home. It's with this in mind that I set out to provide those tools to likeminded folk at a cost that hopefully ensures they are used as the tools they were made to be, yet still be of a high solid quality that a good tool needs to be.

I use a wide variety of steels to suit client's requirements. I heat treat all my own blades, having a professional heat treatment oven on site. I use a wide range of handle materials, carrying an extensive stock, both natural and synthetic. There is always something for every taste.
I can acquire any materials not currently in stock.
My knives and sheaths are all completely hand made by me in my workshop using only the finest materials. I use carbon steels from Sheffield and the finest quality stainless steel from Sweden.
My knives all come with sheaths made from highest grade leather shaped and styled to suit.

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